Tips for a successful Lakeside Park Day
A body of water around which to gather.
  Obviously a lake is preferred, but lack of a lake doesn't exclude you from the holiday. What matters is getting
  outside to your best, close, natural water.
Some kind of music player loaded with Rush.
  It doesn't have to be fancy, just loud enough to hear.  However, "For best results play at maximum volume."

Drink for drinking, Smoke for smoking.
  You don't need a lighthouse or a pier, it's the verbs that count.

Cheap unhealthy food.
  The more fat, sugar, or empty calories contained the better.
  Take yourself a friend.
More drink and more smoke.
  Is there ever really enough?
  If you celebrate right and end up in jail, you can protect yourselves with gruesome stories about people who
  were stupid enough to fuck with the Brotherhood of Rush.
A recovery day off from work.
  May 25 is Geek Pride Day and there's no reason for any Rush fan's participation.  We're far too cool to
  some stupid made-up holiday.

Journey.  Styx.  REO Speedwagon.
  Rush is obviously the only music to spin during the celebration, but it's never appropriate to play these bands
  on any day of the year under any circumstance.